Employer Guidelines for Handshake

Thank you for your interest in recruiting University of Wisconsin-Madison talent! Below are some best-practices for posting positions to University of Wisconsin-Madison via Handshake:

Posting Criteria

Positions are more likely to be accepted if they meet the following criteria. The position should:

  1. Require a student to be either pursuing or have completed at least a Bachelor’s level degree.
  2. Directly relate to at least one of the academic programs/majors offered at UW-Madison.
  3. Include a description of job responsibilities and qualifications needed from candidates.
  4. Include the location of the position.
  5. The posting details correspond with the details selected during the creation of the job posting under the Graduation Date Range and Major Categories
  6. Job postings should be posted for a minimum of 2 days and should not exceed a full academic year. If you have an ongoing recruitment pool process, we encourage you to post in closer alignment with academic semesters.

Additional considerations for:

Internship and Cooperative Education positions:

  1. UW-Madison approves both internship and cooperative education positions.
  2. Unpaid internship positions must have clearly defined explanations of the work being performed in the roles, must comply with current Department of Labor regulations as well as NACE guidelines.
  3. Uncompensated internships at for-profit employers will not be approved.
  4. Unpaid cooperative education positions will not be approved.
  5. Eligibility for academic credit associated with an internship or co-op is determined by UW-Madison career services units.

Part-time positions:

  1. Part-time jobs that do not fit the category of internship or cooperative education may be approved on a limited basis.
  2. Special attention should be used when posting these positions to ensure that they meet the requirements outlined above for all positions.

Postings submitted by 3rd-party firms:

  1. Posting must disclose employing organization to candidates. At minimum, if bound by contract, employing organization must be disclosed to UW-Madison career services.

Other great resources for filling positions that may not qualify for UW-Madison approval:

  1. Other University of Wisconsin system schools offer degree programs and levels that UW-Madison does not (ex. Associate Degree in Hospitality). We encourage you to learn more about our other system schools at https://www.wisconsin.edu/campuses/, most of which are also a part of the Handshake network
  2. Job Center of Wisconsin: https://jobcenterofwisconsin.com