Information for Staff and Faculty

University of Wisconsin-Madison Career Services Council

The University of Wisconsin-Madison operates their career services in a decentralized manner. Each school or college has their own career center to serve their student populations through comprehensive career services. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Career Services Council was created to promote collaboration across campus.


To provide exceptional coordination of campus career services in our decentralized environment.


In support of our student, alumni, and employer constituents, we:

  • Lead policy decision-making for initiatives at the campus-wide level
  • Advocate for and provide support to help career services meet the needs of our constituents through technology, student career development and experiential learning, employer relations and assessment
  • Foster a community of career services professionals to share best practices, professionally develop, network and support one another
  • Serve as a hub for facilitating communications and outreach in support of career services
  • Connect career services effectively with relevant campus stakeholders
  • Regularly advise the Provost on matters regarding career services

Core Values

We incorporate UW-Madison’s guiding principles into our everyday work and also hold the following as foundational to our work:

  • Collaboration
  • Focus on betterment of the whole vs. individual units
  • “Student-centered” approach to help our constituents achieve their goals
  • Innovative, data-informed decision making


The Career Services Council has rotating leadership, and is currently chaired by Jonathon Ferguson, Career Exploration Center.


The Career Services Council has multiple committees that meet regularly to facilitate cross-campus collaborations on specific issues. The Career Services Executive Council consists of career services leaders across campus who advise and support the committees.

  • Career Center Approval Team
  • Employer Relations
  • Professional Development
  • Data and Assessment
  • Internships
  • Campus Leadership Support for CSC


UW-Madison career services has a single National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) membership tier, which allows our community to minimize membership costs for UW-Madison staff. If you are interested in joining NACE you have the opportunity to join for minimal cost. NACE membership benefits are detailed here.

Please complete this form to start the process of joining UW-Madison’s NACE membership tier.

If you have questions about this process please contact Jonathon Ferguson at


The Career Services Council offers a listserv to share career services information with UW-Madison staff across campus. For questions and to join the listserv (, please contact  Tara Milliken.