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Big Interview is the #1 job interview training tool in the world!

Interviews can be an intimidating part of the internship or job search, but it’s an important life skill you will use more than once. With Big Interview, you can practice and improve your interviewing skills to feel confident and ready. 

Check out this intro video to get an overview of the Big Interview platform and its capabilities.

Big Interview is free to use for all UW-Madison students! Log in below or easily access Big Interview by adding the Big Interview tile in MyUW. You will be prompted to login with your NetID.

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Helpful Ways to Use Big Interview

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Get AI Feedback on Practice Interviews

Big Interview’s AI Feedback feature is an innovative way to improve your interviewing skills and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. When you save a mock interview video, the AI tool will process your video and then offer you immediate feedback and coaching on how to improve. You will get feedback on your use of “ums” and other filler words, vocabulary, tone, rate of speech, and even eye contact through the Eye Tracking Calibration tool. 

Learn more about the AI Video Feedback technology here

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Build Your Perfect Interview Answer

For tricky and important questions, it can be helpful to outline your key thoughts and organize your strongest points. Big Interview provides answer builders which use the STAR framework (situation/task, approach, results) to guide you through creating great answers, including strong stories for behavioral questions, and solid responses to questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “What are your greatest weaknesses?”

Get started with Big Interview’s answer builder to create your perfect answers.

Learn How to Write a Persuasive Cover Letter

Cover letters can be a confusing and overwhelming part of the job search process. Why do I need to include a cover letter with my resume? Who is really reading my cover letter? The truth is that at some point in time your resume and your cover letter will be reviewed by a real live person (if you’re lucky). With a strong cover letter you’ll know you’re doing everything possible to get past the gatekeepers and score an interview.

Check out Big Interview’s cover letter curriculum to discover all the secrets behind a persuasive and successful cover letter.

Big Interview Student Guide & Help Section

Want more details on the best way to begin using Big Interview? Check out the Student Guide which includes easy to follow steps to get your started.

You can also visit Big Interview’s robust Help Section and Frequently Asked Questions for any questions you may have. 

Questions about accessibility? Visit the Big Interview Accessibility Knowledge Base page for known accessibility and usability barriers and how to get assistance. 

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