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We are thrilled to announce that Handshake has been selected as UW-Madison’s primary recruitment and career event management tool. We join over 475 university career centers and 200,000 employers across the country already using Handshake.

All students, employers and campus units currently using BuckyNet or myECS will transition to Handshake this summer. Handshake offers many exciting new features that will transform the student and employer experience, including:

  • A single login portal for employers and students
  • Ability for employers to post jobs to UW-Madison and 500+ schools from one dashboard
  • Personalized job recommendations based on students’ major, interests, and more
  • Advanced, streamlined event management capabilities

Employers are able to connect to UW-Madison on Handshake as of May 7, 2018. Students, faculty and staff – stay tuned for important announcements and resources to help you get started in Handshake.


Before joining us on Handshake, we ask that you read our Updated UW-Recruiting Policy.

If you’re new to Handshake and your organization does not yet have a company profile, please note whoever creates the company profile will then be the Account Owner. The Account Owner can be easily changed, but we recommend designating this person in advance.

Employer Login

Create an Account


Key Dates

May 7: Handshake opens to employers to begin creating accounts

May 29: Last day to submit new BuckyNet and myECS job postings

June 19: Handshake opens to students

June 30: BuckyNet and myECS shuts down for all users 

Why Handshake?

The decision to move to Handshake was made based on a recommendation from the 2016-17 Career Services Task Force and input from career services units, employers, and students.   

The Task Force was charged by the Provost to recommend improvements to the career services experience for students and employers. They identified that our current event and recruiting software, BuckyNet and myECS, insufficiently served employers and students 

After an evaluation process that included input from all career advising units across campus, Handshake was selected.



For technical support please see the links to Handshake Technical Support above.

For all other questions, please contact the career services office in the schools or colleges you partner with.


Contact the career services office of your school or college, or the Career Exploration Center.

Staff and Faculty

Contact the career services office of your school or college.