Handshake Campaign Timeline

This is a general suggestion for timing of how offices and units on campus can promote Handshake to students. Feel free to adapt this timeline to fit the needs of your office and your students.

Before First Week of Classes

  • Hang posters and flyers in offices, lobbies, and key locations.
  • Promote Handshake to school/college staff & faculty via email, newsletter, or committees.
  • Add a URL redirect from the old BuckyNet/myECS login pages to your new info about Handshake.
  • Submit requests for Handshake chair/tablecloth  (as needed).

First 1-2 Weeks of Classes

  • Include Handshake in school/college or career center welcome emails.
  • Highlight on your website and social media channels.
  • Share during student orientation or group advising sessions.
  • Include in your career center staff signature line, and as a footer in all career event promotional emails.
  • The Handshake Communications Team coordinating campus-wide marketing will send an all-student email on or around September 11.

End of September

  • Send an email to your students about the benefits and uses of Handshake & connecting to your career center.
  • Promote Handshake at your career center open house.
  • Ask faculty to include a slide about Handshake at the beginning of their presentations.
  • Create fun incentives or giveaways to encourage account activation.

Beginning of October

  • Send a follow-up target email to students who have not activated their account.
  • Send a follow-up targeted email to students who have activated their account but need to complete their profile.
  • Incorporate into all career center events – for example, include a slide at the end of each event.
  • Highlight student success stories related to Handshake on your website, social media channels, student blogs, etc.
  • The Handshake Communications Team coordinating campus-wide marketing will a mass email to all students who have not activated their accounts or completed their profiles in early October.